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ni yg malas kalau addicted of an unfinished drama !

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HAISH !!! >_<

The Clown nk share la her opinion on this drama.
title시크릿 가든 aka Secret Garden

mula2 start citer dh fixated
terus melekat kat Puppy aka laptop
mula2 start citer dh tunjukkan yg hero falls in love with heroine
kan refreshing kalau cmtu ? [ x gitu ? ]

Hero : Kim Joo-Won
Heroine : Gil Ra-im aka Gil Lime

Status backgroud
Joo-Won : kaya dia x bley blah !  org reserve 1 table, dia sewa whole restaurant !  family owns luxuriest shopping complex in Korea [ gitu ! ]
Lime : action actor [ aka stuntwoman ] yg bley tahan miskin dia.  beg kalau bley mau sampai jadi kain buruk.  pin sana, pin sini.  kesian kan ?

Relationship status
Joo-Woon : dia ni sangat la sombong ! eveything must be HIS way.  sekali...jatuh jantung kat minah yg selekeh, miskin n xde good background [ x kaya, family x influential, etc. ].  sangat sukakan Lime, walaupun cara approach rasa mcm mintak maki + penampar [ tp seriously sweet ! ]
Lime : likes nothing but kerja dia n her BFF aka housemate.  mula2 rasa meluat dgn Joo-Woon approaches, but then dia sedar [ ckit2 from time to time. hish ! ] yg Snobbish Rich Guy tu baik org nya.  sukakan Oscar, international artist merangkap cousin Joo-Woon.

  • xde perempuan lain yg Joo-Woon minat [ kiranya Lime is his 1st love.  kyooo~ ].  so, 2nd heroine langsung xde kaitan dgn Snobbish Rich Guy.
  • eventhough citer dia pasal pertukaran souls, event tu terjadi after Joo-Woon n Lime developed some misunderstandings n babak2 romantis.  around...4th ep [ never expected that. REALLY ! ]
  • again dgn event pertukaran souls.  sangkakan Joo-Woon n Lime akan kembali normal bila drama mau habis [ so around 18th or 19th ], tp ep 8th dorg dh kembali kpd asal. WHOA !
  • dlm ke-kurang ajar-an Joo-Woon, dia still bley jadi romantic.  seriously refreshing !

Favorite Lines / Scenes
  • on 2nd ep, Joo-Woon dah jatuh cinta dgn Lime.  proof ?  he keeps seeing Lime wherever he goes, especially time dia jalan2 dekat kawasan rumah dia.  Joo-Woon jalan seiring dgn Lime without a word.  steps sama, timing sama, n even bila Joo-Woon stops, she stops.  without a word...
  • Joo-Woon tgh tunggu ride dia outside of his shopping complex, when suddenly dia terasa Lime berdiri sebelah dia.  he doesn't look at Lime, but just stare at the space till she's gone.  [ kyooo~ ]
  • Joo-Woon sanggup berdiri n wait in line utk jumpa Lime.  n time tu ada audition for new recruitment for Action School [ tempat stuntman2 belajar ].  since dia tau Lime x mau jumpa dia, dia bg reason : "I came to get your hospital fees."
  • time mak dia call, Joo-Woon x sedar dia bagi descriptions of his taste [ of woman of coz ] yg ada pada Lime : "She must be pretty.  With chic short haircut, tanned skin, and she doesn't smile that much".  bila dia sedar, dia nampak Lime duduk sebelah dia atas dock.  [ cute right ? ;D ]
  • Joo-Woon cari Lime utk settlekan debt [ 2000 woon je kot !  cheapskate ] dekat Action School bile Lime pissed off n main blah camtu je, tanpa tutup locker dia.  Joo-Woon nampak pics Lime tertampal dlm locker tu, terus dia amik pic n simpan sume pics tu.
  • Joo-Woon mintak tlg Lime utk buat sit-ups.  Lime sindir Joo-Woon coz x reti buat betul2.  sekali dia buat, Joo-Woon sengaja rapatkan muka dia [ mcm mau cium ] dgn Lime, buat Lime blushed.  n dia repeat aksi ni sgt la byk ! [ gler naughty-naughty boy~ ]
  • line Joo-Woon confesses his feelings : " Whether I meet you or not, it seems to be like I'm with you.  So what am I supposed to do ? " " How desperate you think I am ?  What have you done to me ?  Why did you choose me to do this ?! " " You're completely a strange woman, but that's exactly the problem, that is.  You're so strange that.. I find you.. puzzling and amazing...  So, right now, I'm just a mad man. "

enough with d spoilers !

rugi r gak kalau x tgk.

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